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Goat Yoga With Mikenze 2021

This pandemic is absolutely brutal! Ontario is in full blown lockdown... AGAIN... It was originally set to May 20th, which was supposed to be our first day of Goat Yoga for the 2021 season. Then the lockdown was extended to June 2. So okay, we can now start Saturday June 5. This gives people some time to adjust and get back to somewhat normal life. But today, May 20th, 2021, I read the official reopening plan for Ontario. We are stuck inside until the week of June 14th, meaning our first class wont be until June 17th or 19th, and we will be restricted to 10 participants per class. I really hope this is the latest date they extend this lock down. I want to play with goats!

In the last article I wrote about Goat Yoga, I mentioned that I would have a stage built to help my students see me better during the class. Well there is nothing quite as satisfying as seeing your vision come to fruition. The stage, which was already built and weatherproofed upon purchase, was installed on the field in early May, and we were able to do a very private photoshoot mid-May. I will 100% need a new piece of plywood along the top at some point this summer, but for now, we pray that I don't break through a board during a class. The stage is 20 inches tall, which means that everyone in my class should be able to see me very clearly.

I also mentioned that I will have some super cute merchandise in stock for this year. I decided to go with Goat Yoga t-shirts. I have two designs. The shirts with the Goat photo is a limited stock, but the other shirts will be in stock for the duration of the summer, provided sales go well. I am confident that my shirts will sell very well, I mean, just look at them! Who DOESN'T want goat hoof prints on their back?

So if you are travelling to Prince Edward County this summer, check out Goat Yoga With Mikenze! We will provide an extremely fun-filled class while also burning some calories and experiencing farm life.

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