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My Favourite Goat Yoga With Mikenze Reviews Pt 1

Some of my favourite moments over the past few years has been reading the reviews that I receive from my students. Some have made me laugh, some have made me cry (from happiness), and some have made me feel completely accomplished with my life. These are some of my favourite reviews from my oat Goat students over the past few years.

"My husband and I attended Yoga with goats a few weeks ago and the class was amazing. The Yoga class suits both beginner and advanced Yogis. We were lucky to be at the front and it was fun to see the goats flock to Mikenze. I think halfway through the class I was in a plank position when one of the goats jumped on me lol! Some of the goats had cute costumes. After the class, I definitely noticed a difference with my back. It felt a lot better."

- Danielle P - Markham, ON

"Goat Yoga was quite fun! It somehow was soothing to hear the little goats chewing on grass all around you, helps you to really focus on your poses. Got a cuddle with one of them too 🐐" - Patricia L - Belleville, ON

"My girlfriend and I went for a Goat Yoga session a few weeks ago in the morning. It was a great experience! The goats were as friendly as Mikenze! Mikenze was very helpful and ensured someone with very little experience, like myself, was able to take part. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable experience. The farmers were also very friendly, giving us treats to feed the goats after the Yoga. If you haven't experienced Goat Yoga, Mikenze would be a great instructor to try it out with. EDIT: Almost forgot! Mikenze arranged someone to take our pictures! We got a large volume of pictures as well! They turned out great!" - Jacob B - Belleville, ON

"Mikenze and her goats were amazing and provided an amazing way to spend an hour. Mikenze was super friendly and accommodating to all levels of experience and the goats provided a great laugh!"

- Max M - Ottawa, ON

"A truly unique experience in the County - Mikenze is a terrific Yogi and the goats, especially the curious young ones, are a delight to have around while doing Yoga outdoors." - Jet B - PEC, ON

"My friends and I joined Mikenze for a Yoga session at the Goat farm. We all enjoyed our time with her. Mikenze provides clear instruction and a nice flow of movements. Check out her classes!" - Julia B - PEC, ON

"My husband, daughter and I all had a very enjoyable experience doing a private Goat Yoga session with Mikenze. Mikenze tailored the class perfectly to our needs and abilities and did a great job coaching us through the moves. And the goats! There is just something incredibly special about having the goats roaming around you while you work your poses. What a wonderful experience! Huge thank you to Mikenze and the farm for such a memorable morning!" - Arwen V - Ottawa, ON

"I, along with my husband and friend, took a Goat Yoga class with Mikenze in July. It was outrageously hot outside (a true hot Yoga experience, to be sure), but the class was awesome. The poses were challenging (but doable), the goats were precious (a few of them were pregnant), and Mikenze was knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming. If you want to enjoy some Goat Yoga in the County, her class is worth checking out!"

- Ashley N - Toronto, ON

"I had such a great time at Goat Yoga With Mikenze! The goats were absolutely adorable and the Yoga poses were a great challenge! I am fairly new to Yoga and Mikenze was able to provide modified poses for anything that was a bit advanced for me. I would definitely recommend Yoga With Mikenze!"

- Krystina B - Belleville, ON

I am truly honoured and humbled to have been able to affect my students in these ways. Thank you to all of my students! I am forever grateful to have you all in my life!

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