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My Favourite Yoga With Mikenze Reviews Pt 3

Some of my favourite moments over the past few years has been reading the reviews that I receive from my students. Some have made me laugh, some have made me cry (from happiness), and some have made me feel completely accomplished with my life. These are some of my favourite reviews from my Yoga students that found me on Facebook.

"I couldn't believe it when I saw a Facebook event offering a Yoga class in a locale just minutes from me! That's how I met Mikenze. I'd only ever been to one Yoga class several years ago. It was in a gym with many others &, after the first couple of movements, I had no idea what I was supposed to doing, I was out of breath, completely out of sync with the rest of the group & very frustrated. I knew yoga was something I wanted to do, if I could find the right teacher & class. Mikenze's event on FB sounded like it could be the one. She'd recently received her Yoga certification and was looking to start teaching. Now, after almost 2 months of 2 classes/ week, I can say I've found the right teacher & right class! Mikenze's passion & joy for Yoga is obvious. She gently reminds us always, of the correct posture for each pose, & to remember to breathe! She provides pose options/ adjustments for beginners, those with tight hips, sore knees, or those who are more experienced Yoga students. Her approach is open, calming & encouraging & I look forward to each class. Already my core is stronger, my balance is better and my muscles are stretching & strengthening." - Linda M - PEC, ON

"I saw this post on Facebook and it said "Any Size, Any Level, Any Body". I took the big step, messaged Mikenze & decided to try a class. I had never done Yoga before; however, I like that she answered my questions, seemed very personable, and took away some of my fears. I am out of shape but wanted to do this for me. The first class was great, she helped me adjust my poses and explained each step so that I could easily follow. It was amazing, my out of shape body felt great, my mind was clear, and it gave me peace. I've been able to participate about half a dozen times since and enjoy the way by body is beginning to feel and change. I leave the class renewed & refreshed. This is something I recommend for everyone! Mikenze is patient, helpful and gives good instruction. It truly is, "Any Size, Any Level, Any Body," & I am proof of that." - Lynne Anne A - PEC, ON

"I discovered Mikenze on a PEC Facebook group. She just got her certification and was looking for some students. As I was new in PEC and looking for Yoga classes, I thought I would give it a try. I liked the fact that she was not your typical Yoga teacher. That intrigued me. The first session felt great. I liked how she took the time to adjust my body in different poses & to explain why she adjusted it. I liked the calmness and the genuine passion she has for Yoga without being guru-like. I look forward to Mikenze guiding me every step of the way in my Yoga journey while making sure that my body is positioned properly. I highly recommend Yoga With Mikenze!"

- Chrystelle M - Picton, ON

"I first heard about Mikenze through her Facebook posts. What attracted me initially was her line, 'Any Size. Any Level. Any Body.' I don’t find this is always the thinking in the fitness market and I found this attitude refreshing. So far, I’ve only had one session, but it was fabulous! Leading up to the session, done in the comfort of my own home, was a friendly, non-stressful planning & gathering of ideas. I immediately felt comfortable because Mikenze was so open-minded about my limitations, including lack of experience and a lower fitness level. She was able to make the session challenging without making me feel like giving up. Her sense of humour, huge smile, and witty conversation made the hour fly by comfortably. I’m sincerely looking forward to my next session!.... [1.5 years later] ... I’ve been working with Mikenze for over a year now. When I first started, I was recovering from an injury. She was flexible with my challenges and encouraged me to try new things safely. I love the Deep Stretch class. I find it to be unique in a market saturated with cardio. I enjoy the stretches I’ve learned and use them after my workouts after mastering them with Mikenze first. I always enjoy my time spent with her and recommend her to anyone who wants to try and doesn’t know where to start." - Megan B - Picton, ON

I am truly honoured and humbled to have been able to affect my students in these ways. It makes me feel much more comfortable in my own skin by being able to help people feel more comfortable in their own skin! Thank you to all of my students! I am forever grateful to have you all in my life!

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