Overcoming Barriers To Daily Yoga Practice

Practicing Yoga everyday may seem like an extreme commitment, but with some creative time management, it can be done. I am proof of that! I have been practicing Yoga daily for 20 months consistently and have only missed a few days here and there for flights and illness. You may be wondering how I have been able to do this, so let me explain.

Trying to Stay Awake During Savasana

One major barrier to daily Yoga practice is exhaustion. I have had some nights where I was completely exhausted, but I dragged myself onto my mat and was thankful for it by the end of the practice. The solution to this barrier is simply the Nike slogan: Just Do It! Just get on your mat, and as you practice, you will start to feel more awake and alive. By the end you will either be completely exhausted and ready for bed or have some energy to complete a few tasks before finally passing out.

Another major barrier to daily Yoga Practice is muscle or joint pain and fatigue. My solution to this barrier is to either spend some time engaged in some gentle stretching before your practice, or to take easier variations to some of the poses that target your sore or fatigued areas. For example, if your arms are sore, drop to your knee