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Yoga With Mikenze Talks Social Media [Mikenze]

So as you may or may not know, running my Yoga business turned into a second business - Social Media Mikenze. With this business, I create and manage social media accounts (Instagram/Facebook focused), design and develop websites, and consult with clients on starting and building a business and social media for business.

So the biggest thing with social media is to just BE CONSISTANT! Whatever content you decide to work with, post it consistently. Use your insights to see when your best day and time of day to post is for your niche. Then decide how often you want to post. For this, determine how much content you have, how much you have to create, and whether it is difficult to come up with ideas for that content or not. For Yoga With Mikenze I post 6 days per week because I have access to a decent amount of content, but it gets a little trickier for my Social Media Mikenze accounts so I only post 3 days per week. For my clients, I almost always post 3 days per week - Mon, Wed, Fri. This provides a steady stream of content but there isn't the pressure of having to post daily.

When it comes to content, don't be afraid to get creative, and don't be afraid of IG Reels! The thing is, IG is pushing Reels more than anything, so if you want more eyeballs on your content, you want to use reels. Now some people may be afraid to work with video, but you don't necessarily have to use videos, and you don't necessarily need to use the IG platform either. Personally, I use inShot, and they have a TON of music to choose from right on their platform and it is MUCH easier to edit in. And the best part - NO GLITCHES! You can download inShot or any other video editor App from your App or Play Store. Use these apps to create and edit your video reel (even if it is just a picture slideshow of sorts) and then post it through the IG Reel platform. This will take a LOT of stress of your shoulders.

When it comes to post captions, some people stress out about them and want to write novels for each post. But the thing is, most of the people who see your post are not even going to LOOK at the caption, so why stress so much about it?! The easiest thing to do is make a list of some inspirational quotes and sayings and other things that go with your niche and then rotate through those captions as you go. Doing this will take a LOT of stress off your shoulders and take out the question of "what should we say today?"

For more tips and tricks on posting to social media or building your website and business, follow me on IG/FB: @socialmediamikenze

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