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7 Yoga Poses to Align your Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Our Heart Chakra is responsible for love, empathy, kindness, compassion, gratitude and faith. To learn more about this chakra, check out my previous post that goes into further detail. This article will give you 7 Yoga poses to help you align your Heart Chakra.

1. Half Lord of the Fish

Start in seated position. Bend the right knee so it points forward and your foot tucks in close to your left hip. Cross the left leg over until the sole of your foot comes to the mat, or as close as you can. Lengthen spine and bring right elbow to outside of left knee. Engage abdominals and twist through abdomen, head gently follows along.

2. Standing Backbend

Start in Mountain pose. Inhale to bring arms overhead, palms face each other, and gently bend backward to your own degree, looking up and over.

3. Dancer Pose

Start in Mountain pose. Bring right thumb to heart centre. Bend left knee and reach back with left arm to grab left foot or ankle. Kick foot into hand while gently leaning forward to your own degree. Right arm extends forward and up. Try to keep shoulders and hips square.

4. Camel Pose

Start in kneeling. Stand on knees, tuck toes, reach arms back and grab heels. Gently press your hips forward and look up and back.

5. Wheel Pose

Start in bridge pose. Bring hands to either side of head with finger tips pointing forward. Press up to wheel pose. Hips press up and adjust feet as needed.

6. Bow Pose

Start on your belly with arms extended down. Bend your knees and grab your ankles. Keep feet flexed if you can and press your legs back, lifting your chest to your own degree.

7. Cobra Pose

Start on belly. Plant palms under shoulders and press chest up to your own degree. Toes point back. Gaze is up.

Check out my Instagram to see three poses to help you align your Heart Chakra in video format. Namaste.

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