Goat Yoga With Mikenze Pt 1

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

I do not remember when I first heard about Goat Yoga, but once I became a Yoga Instructor and was thinking about different Yoga Classes I could teach, I realized that Goat Yoga would be an incredible opportunity for me. I had not heard about any Goat Yoga in the area and I absolutely love animals, so I knew this would be an excellent fit.

Side Plank on Hay with Goats

I immediately posted to Prince Edward County Facebook groups asking if anyone knew of any farms in the area with miniature goats. I was referred to OnceUponA Farm near Lake on the Mountain, Prince Edward County. I immediately knew which farm this was as they also run a small shop for tires, and this is where I had purchased my winter tires in 2016. I quickly contacted the farm owner and we set up a day and time for me to come out to meet the goats and discuss details.

Goat Yoga on the Farm