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Goat Yoga With Mikenze Pt. 2

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

August 1st Goat Yoga Class

Goat Yoga only got more popular and more fun in August! The first mama goat to give birth was Thumbalina. She had healthy triplets: two adorable males and one female! The farmers named them Snow White, Prince Charming, and Tom Thumb. Tom Thumb was black and Snow White and Prince Charming were white with black patches.

August 1st Goat Yoga Class

At the end of the first class in August, the farmers brought the female baby up for everyone to hold and fawn over, and she was only two days old. Every single student was incredibly kind and gentle with the baby and looking back on those photos makes me smile from ear to ear. To see the pure joy and awe on their faces makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. After the class we were walking back to the “Maternity Ward” and the baby fell asleep in my arms. This was such a precious moment for me! I felt humbled and honoured that the baby felt comfortable enough to sleep in my arms. She was also likely exhausted from being passed around (gently) from human to human.

Mikenze & Students Holding Snow White

August 8th Goat Yoga Class

That next week, Abracadabra gave birth to two still-born babies and one healthy baby. They named the baby boy Houdini. For the first few weeks of Houdini’s life, I thought he was black like Tom Thumb, but as he grew, his true colours started to show. Houdini was a beautiful chocolate brown with a few patches of white. At the end of the next class in August, the farmers brought him out for the students to hold. He was much more vocal than the others, but everyone enjoyed holding him and showing him some love.

August 8th Goat Yoga Class

The farmers continued to bring the babies up at the end of the classes for the participants to hold and love through the next few classes. Finally, for the class on August 15, the farmer brought the kids (Baby goats) up to the front with the other Nigerian Dwarf goats, also known as dairy goats, and took all the Cashmere goats back to the back barn with the other larger Cashmere goats. The Goat Yoga zone was now complete with all Nigerian Dwarf goats and their kids, minus one, Rosemary, who was still very pregnant and looking uncomfortable as she got bigger and bigger.

August 22nd Goat Yoga Class

The kids were such a great addition to the Goat Yoga class experience because they were so full of life. They ran around playing with each other and checking everyone out. The triplets tended to stick together as one pack and run around with each other in a small herd. Houdini was such a rambunctious little guy. At one point, between classes, he parkoured off a yoga mat that I had left hanging on the fence. During the first class the triplets came barrelling towards me as I was lowering down for a Chaturanga, causing my voice to heighten before they darted off to the side. The class got a giggle from that incident, as well throughout the entire class. This was the most enjoyable class for me to date.

Students w. Prince, Tom, & Houdini

Abracadabra tended to stay close to her son Houdini to keep an eye on him. At the end of our second class on August 22, one young participant was holding Houdini, and Abracadabra was standing right beside her, making sure Houdini was safe. It was so cute to watch. Goats are very family oriented and take care of their own.

August 22nd Goat Yoga Class

Snow White Growing Up

Rosemary finally gave birth to two healthy kids. The farmers named the male Clover and the female Blossom. These kids were born without horns, taking on the genetic mutation of their father. The farm now had six healthy kids from three healthy mamas. Soon the farmers will bring Clover and Blossom to the front pen with Rosemary, completing the Goat Yoga Zone. I am very excited to continue this journey with these adorable, fuzzy, caring creatures and cannot wait to see what they do in the next class!

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