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Goat Yoga With Mikenze Pt 3

This Fall was absolutely incredible with Goat Yoga! Blossom and Clover are an absolute riot! They make sure to check out every single class participant and try out everyone’s back as well. They are incredibly curious and friendly and this also motivates the other kids to explore more.

Blossom is the most active with people, jumping on backs, sides, and bellies when you least expect it. She also makes sure to taste everything including, but not limited to, car keys, shoes, sweaters, shirts, pants, and hair. Because she is so young, she doesn’t recognize these objects as non-edible yet, but she is slowly learning. The latest trend has been to jump on our backs and paw at our heads like she is trying to dig through our hair. I literally had to hold her hoof to untangle my hair from it during one class.

We also starting bringing out grapes and pears to feed the goats throughout the class. The Mama goats really love these treats, and they do what they can to get as many treats as they can. Rosemary especially loves the sweet offerings and makes her presence known as the group leader and head Mama.

We are winding down our season this month, but we will be starting up earlier next year, likely in mid-May. We will also be making a few changes in the new season. I will hopefully be building (having someone else build) a small stage for me to teach from so that all students can see me. I will also have some more Goat related merchandise available in the new season such as tanks and t-shirts to commemorate our Yogis’ experience.

It has been an absolute BLAST teaching Goat Yoga this year and I will be eager to start up again come Spring. I will open registration for the new season early and advertise appropriately. I hope to meet many new faces and see some old faces return as well!

Namaste my Goat Yogis!


RYT 250h

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