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My Yoga Teacher Training in Bali Pt 2

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

The next morning was tough. I hadn't slept well at all. Nina had turned off the AC again and it was boiling, and I was pained by my rock hard mattress and blistered feet. To make matters worse, I couldn't contact anyone as the wi-fi was still out of commission at my guest house. So after I rolled over for the tenth time, I decided to just get out of bed and go to the restaurant to use their wi-fi. I was extremely frustrated and jet-lagged and I was beginning to feel very defeated. I wondered if I could handle that situation for the next 21 days. At '308 Kiss Me' I wrote in my journal and chatted to my friends back home. I was really upset with myself for feeling that frustrated and miserable in spite of my surroundings and was desperate to stay positive and enjoy every minute of Bali. I was also feeling a bit out of place, being the heaviest Yogi of the group. But I pushed through my irritation and went to morning Pranayama (breath control) and Yoga practice. Our Yoga practice was another tough, sweaty session and I was really feeling like I was in over my head.

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